The Business

Verona, the city of gold. There, in 1977,  Roberto Coin established a business later named after him. At the beginning they manufactured on behalf of the most famous brands of international high-quality jewelry. In 1996, Robert Coin own brand is launched. Success is immediate and outstanding; four years later, in 2000, it represents the seventh best known jewelry producer in the USA. And after two years , in 2002, it progresses to the second position in the international scenario and to the first one among Italian jewelers. To date, Roberto Coin owns more than 800 sales points in the world; his headquarters is still in Vicenza supported by foreign branches and by Roberto Coin Inc., New York.


An air of legend has always been associated with the King of Jewels, the ruby, and even with magic powers including the ability of promoting peace and a long life, with plenty of health and happiness. In the past, women believed that ruby would support fertility, and Burmese warriors placed it under their skin to protect themselves from injuries while fighting. Since 1996, Roberto Coin has been designing and branding jewels in the iconic collection Appassionata (Passionate) by setting a small ruby within a  hidden inner spot to allow a direct contact between the stone and the skin. A tradition continuing in every collection and now representing the unique signature of any single jewel by Roberto Coin, as a secret and favorable present to every woman who loves and wears one of his exclusive creations.

Joy of life

A passionate tribute to zest for life, to feminine beauty and elegance. This is the clear identity of the jewels created by Robert Coin, aimed at experimenting light, shape and color. They are an exclusive expression of fantasy, intuition and creativity through their endless mix of passion and innovation. Every single piece is an  impressive work of art in its highly refined manufacture. The first collections of  Robert Coin interpreted the heritage of goldsmith artistry that made Vicenza renowned all over the world while using innovative technology and productive creativity. Gold was the absolute protagonist initially, with its precious threads mingling together to create the weave of elaborate and sinuous cloths. A productive skill continually under development and experimentation, but still a distinguishing feature of the brand. In time, gold has been accompanied by precious stones and diamonds, which established the brand within the world of high jewelry. Flair, creativity, excellent materials and manufacturing together with vitality and dedicated care to his clients make the brand of Robert Coin unrivaled within the market and beloved by many international celebrities thanks to his ability to highlight beauty and distinctiveness of every woman.

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