The design of a concept originates from the soul and talent of an artist, Annamaria Cammilli. She is a painter and a sculptor that freely expresses what she creates in the intimacy of her home up in the Florence hills, in the atmosphere of her personal world nourished by nature, travels and fashion. Just there, she develops original shapes and motifs and matches colors to techniques then cast in canvas and clay resulting in beautiful and refined artworks.

Everything derives from here. Her wonderful variety of flowers, plants and leaves as well as the winding movements of interweaving color shades and of shapes with all-changing light represent but absolute Beauty. Her creative and sensitive and intently accurate transformation of nature originates unique pieces of pure elegance. A jewel is born from the artist’s creative concept; Cammilli collections evoke the artistic shapes on canvas or in clay either delicately or more markedly. Any Cammilli piece can define itself as its life and identity are well delineated and unequivocal. Just like those natural elements its immutable fascination derives from. In Cammilli jewels, nature is clearly present and  is enhanced because the artist’s hands interpret and shape it. Being alive, it changes and evolves even into more essential shapes. An added value to the jewel that makes it unique, a timeless masterpiece.

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