Carrera Y Carrera and its savoir-faire

Carrera y Carrera is based on expertise of incalculable value – the savoir-faire of the nearly 60 jewelers that work in its Madrid workshop, one of the most prestigious in the world. It is here that each and every jewelry piece is crafted entirely by hand, the way others make Fine Jewelry.

In an international field of eminent jewelers, this company differentiates itself thanks to its expertise in working gold. Detailed work in mini-sculpture accompanied by the signature Carrera y Carrera matte-shine finish transforms each piece into a small work of art.

Each piece is designed and worked individually throughout the entirely hand-made process in our workshop. A unique serial number on each piece attests to the artisanal process used to create each jewel, making it truly one of a kind.

Carrera y Carrera is Spain. It is passion for gold and enthusiasm for the best craftsmanship, that which transforms each jewelry piece into a work of art. The Brand was founded in 1885 in Madrid, Spain; today, it has more tan 300 points of sale distributed over 50 countries. The company is recognized as one of the 30 most prestigious jewelers in the world. The brand’s headquarters are located in Madrid, as is its workshop – home to nearly 35 jewelers and considered one of the best in the world.

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